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January 2012 Archives

Fort Myers woman found standing over body faces murder charge

When a story of a violent crime hits the media, the details can seem indisputable. Stories grab more attention when they contain the most gruesome details without qualifying statements, and the truth of what happened isn't always clear -- particularly if some other details are missing.

Florida football player gets deferred prosecution for drug bust

Despite a growing trend of medical marijuana decriminalization in other parts of the country, laws concerning the sale and possession of marijuana are still very tough in Florida, and the penalties are becoming increasingly harsh. Drug charges can result in jail time depending on the amount of illegal substance and the criminal history of the person charged.

Passenger refuses blood-alcohol test, gets fired

Refusing a blood alcohol test can have serious consequences for a Florida resident even if the person is not intoxicated. An experienced Florida DWI attorney can help those who refuse blood or breath tests fight their charges and possibly save their licenses. It is important to remember that a drunk driving case typically involves both civil and criminal penalties, and legal representation is helpful for both aspects of a drunk driving case.

CSI actor gets drug possession charges dropped

There are many times when drug possession charges can be reduced or even dismissed based on plea agreements. In the case of former CSI actor Gary Dourdan, he recently had his charges for possession of drug paraphernalia and OxyContin possession dropped after undergoing 20 hours of treatment in Narcotics Anonymous.

Three Fort Myers men face cocaine distribution-related charges

Three Fort Myers men were arrested for drug crimes recently after police reportedly received tips about suspected illegal activity at two Canal Street apartments. The men face a variety of charges related to the sale and distribution of cocaine.

Collier teen acquitted of manslaughter after stabbing bully

A few weeks ago we discussed the arrest of a 15-year-old Collier boy who fatally stabbed a supposed schoolyard bully at a bus stop. The teen raised a "Stand Your Ground" defense to his manslaughter charges and a Collier Circuit judge decided that that the teen was acting in self defense when he stabbed the 16-year-old bully in Golden Gate Estates.

Traffic accident fatalities increased in Lee County last year

In our last post we discussed the seriousness of being charged with a drunk driving offense involving serious injuries. Possible punishments for a DUI charge may increase depending on the extent of the injuries arising out of a drunk driving crash. Those who are involved in fatal DUI crashes may even face vehicular manslaughter charges which can carry significant prison terms. Those who fail to seek proper legal advice risk receiving stiffer sentences which may have been prevented by consulting with an experienced defense attorney.

Naples scooter crash survivor may face DUI charges

A Naples man is under investigation for drunk driving after a serious scooter crash which happened yesterday afternoon. Authorities say that a 51-year-old Naples man and a 61-year-old Naples woman were traveling south on Capri Boulevard when the man lost control of the scooter at the intersection of Capri and Hilo Drive.

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